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What can you expect from my reviews?

*Personal opinion

*Things I like

*Things I’m not keen on

* Did the story grip me?

*How did the story make me feel?

*Does the writing flow well enough to pass the editor part of my brain?

*Will I read more from this author?

*A star review, accompanied by an explanation. I will use all of the 1-5 scale. 

Message me through the contacts page if you would like a review

STOLEN MAGIC by MARINA FINLAYSON - Reviewed 29h June, 2020


I downloaded my copy of Stolen Magic with good intentions. I don’t usually read shifter stories and it seemed like the time to give one a try. In retrospect, that was a mistake on my part. 

If I could have got a feel the character and her purpose sooner, I may have read the entire story. However, there was nothing in the early writing to keep me involved, which makes for a short review.  

If you like shifter tales, you may well see the story in a different light. I didn’t read enough to tell whether it was brilliant. By the same measure, I can’t say if it hits the opposite end of the scale.

3 *

THE BLACK PRISM by BRENT WEEKS  - Reviewed 24th June, 2020


This story has a great range of vivid characters with intriguing relationships. The Prism’s allure comes from his unique and powerful nature. His good intentions are tempered with inward self-loathing over morally questionable actions, and that makes me keen to know how things will turn out. 

The writing is generally smooth. However, delivering the complex back story, interesting world, and an involved magic system leads the author into realms of info-dumps.  

A few annoying phrases and the repetitious use of certain words didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the story. Personal taste makes me drift out of the story during long battle scenes.

I listened to this on the U.K. audible version. The narrator really brought the story to life. 

Any story that can transport me to a different world is brilliant. I will read definitely read more. 

4.7 *

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