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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Hi All, We’ve all faced tricky timesharing lockdown, and there are so many directions my geeky mind can go, I sometimes miss bits. I’m here now and the pause has given me a lot to share.

My publishing related activity during lockdown:

March – Attended a Self-Publishers conference in London and made some really good friends. (Just before everything closed)

April – Brought the launch forward for my debut novel, The Absence of Soul. It was a fantastic day and I did a reading of chapter one.

(More than thirty takes—good job I didn’t do it live.

You can watch it here.

May – I always said I was going to launch book 2 soon after the first one. Corrupted Soul has gone live on Amazon. To celebrate, I promoted on The Absence of Soul, which pushed it up the Amazon free charts.

In the mix:

Book 3 is well underway and I like where it’s going. It’s at the messy stage, but writing it is tugging on my heart strings.

I failed a bit with YouTube. There’s not much on there. On the more positive side, I finally made it onto Instagram. Yeah!

Tennis coaching has come to a halt during lockdown, but I spoke on a zoom panel discussing performance tennis coaching for under 10’s. I also won a title—North of England Regional Performance Coach of the Year. I know, I don’t look like a tennis coach. My image is really more suited to geeky gran.

Here’s my independent author shout out. If you like vampires, you’ll love this free short story - Dinner with the Delaneys by J. C. Keough

Now, to address the blog photo. Yes, that’s my son. Yes, he is being a Ghostbuster, and yes, he made that backpack himself with a 3D printer. I guess the geek gene is strong.

I’ll be back – Promise. Stay safe.


A geeky grandma

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