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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I’m excited with how my novel-length continuation of Dare is shaping up, and I want to share my progress with all of you.

I will admit, I’m not near publication yet. Building a new world takes time, and I can’t rush the process. The physical and cultural environment is growing in layers, and as I write, the world is becoming richer. This all takes time, which I don’t believe is wasted. Once established, it will provide a backdrop fit for my wizard-hunter.

Here’s a snippet to keep you going.

“Hold this,” Trethur said, handing over the scroll. He opened his cloak wide and showed off a simple tunic that stretched tight over his bulging chest. Witch beads dangled from his belt on suspended threads, and two of the baubles clattered together as he toyed with the string. “I’m a collector, and the rune on that scroll is the next bead I want.”

All Dare could do was gape. More beads hung from the stranger’s belt than he’d seen in one place before, and not all of them were common. He worked his jaw until words came out. “Nice assortment. I don’t recognize some of your beads, but I can see a finder spell among them. Seems to me like you could do this hunt yourself.”

Trethur sighed. “Normally, I would. It adds to the pleasure of collecting, but I went over on my ankle, so I need to rest up.” He lifted his grey-booted foot with a wince. “This bead is a beauty, and I really don’t want to lose out. Heard a witch crafted it somewhere in these parts, and locals tell me you’re the best man for the job. I’ll make it worth your while.”

I would love possessing the ability to conjure witch beads. If you could craft spells, which would you make first? Drop your top spell pick into the comments below, and you never know, your idea might appear in the next book.

If you haven’t read the Dare short story yet, you can claim it here now

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