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I remember walking into the sports hall at Aireborough Leisure Centre for the first time and being greeted by a warm smile from Amanda. This was going to be my first encounter with tennis and I didn’t know what to expect. After a week long course of coaching, I discovered a love and a passion for the game, which Amanda instilled in me straight away. Amanda took me under her wing and soon coached me to become the Yorkshire Under 8 short tennis Champion. From there our relationship grew and she would often go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I could make it to a tennis court. Over the years my desire to play never waned, I achieved a Scholarship at a prestigious boarding school, was awarded a place on the tennis team at High Point University, North Carolina and finished up entering the working world with a career in tennis, working for brands such as K-SWISS & Babolat. None of this would have been possible without the commitment Amanda showed to the sport and to me. Thank you Amanda, you truly are an incredible person and coach! - Caroline Tolman

Amanda teaches kids to not only become great tennis players but she also mentors them. I was recently the 2012 NCAA National Champion and I owe a lot to her for my success. I am now currently a teacher myself at a private country club in New York City
I will always and forever still use Amanda's skills she taught me to also pass on to my own students. Thank you Amanda a coach and friend forever. - Dan Regan

My daughter worked with Amanda at David Lloyd Leeds from when she was 6 yrs old (picking up the racquet for the first time) until she was 8yrs old. The new Red/Orange/Green system had just been adopted by the LTA. Amanda helped Naiktha develop very good foundations on all strokes, which I believe is the key to long term success at the top level. Foundations at the start determine your ceilings. Naiktha is 15 yrs old now and has won National 12/14/16 titles as well iTF junior titles and a silver medal at JFC. I believe that the foundations Amanda gave Naiktha on her strokes has been key to her success thus far and will be instrumental in her future success. Thank you Amanda. The journey continues....- Nik Bains

Amanda encourages Freddy to strive beyond what he thinks he can achieve, to show him what he can truly achieve. That becomes addictive, self-motivating and powerful. Sessions are meaningful to Freddy with hairy monsters and chasing rhinos featuring! Freddy enjoys 'everything'; can't ask for any more than that!- Jo and Chris Blaydes

Twigg is nothing short of brilliant at what she does. Approaching every child as a unique challenge, and with a great sense of pride sets about unlocking their true potential. At times it is nothing short of fascinating to observe the creative extents she goes to impart learning on the young players. For the parents expect honesty, straight talking and an abundance of invaluable support and advice. What else can I say, other than how fortunate I feel to have the support of Amanda Twigg as my daughters coach. - James Harper

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